GAI is a family holding company.

GAI develops its activities in 3 main sectors :

  • 1) Operational activities with a real estate underlying : development, hospitality, co-working, etc.
  • 2) Legal : litigation management and financing (Litigation Funding)
  • 3) Consulting in innovation and performance

Other sectors are being developed.

GAI has direct holdings in various countries :
Brazil, Spain, United States, France, Great Britain, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

GAI mainly invests in a majority and active basis with a long-term vision while having a great reactivity.

Team :

  • Patrice Bougon : former accounts auditor and tax lawyer. Multi-entrepreneur, he created the Abilways Group (nowadays owned by Creadev) and is now the Chairman of GAI SCOP SA.
  • Fréderic Taron :
    Holding Company Director
  • Marion Granboulan :
    Risk Management Director